NetLogger is inspired by previous Ham Radio projects and provides a cross-platform code base. Ham radio net managers will find handy features that make net management easier. Direct entry of ARRL Message text , etc. Report output:PDF, HTML and printer.

NetLogger Download and Startup Instructions

1.      Using your Web Browser, go to WWW.NETLOGGER.ORG

2.      Select Download

3.      Select your version based on your Computer and version of  Windows

4.      Enter your Callsign and Email Address

5.      Click “Download”

6.      Once the NetLogger program is downloaded, install it on your computer.

7.      Open NetLogger

8.      Click on the blue “Select Net” button and look for the Net you want on the dropdown box, and select it.

9.      Use the “View Monitors” , and the “Aim Window” buttons to view and communicate with others using NetLogger.

10.    Additional program information is available from the “Help” utility within the program by selecting “Help” from the top menu.

Click to download Quick Start Guide for 1st Time Users – detailed instructions with pictures!