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VE7ZDL & N1DL - Karl YLISSB 6300 Member since 1965.

[I] enjoyed the friendship of the system members and contacts with them from all corners of the earth while on DXPeditions.

Sue - N9ZG YLISSB 16462

YL System gave me a big push towards achieving my WAS award.

N5LEC - Larry YLISSB 17359

I chose to be a member because of the great people that staff it and are always super friendly.

Bill - W7AJP YLISSB 16190 & XYL Joan

N0TWV invited me to join and attend a YL SYSTEM Convention in Durango before I had my General License.  I took my Elmer and we had a blast. I got my General within six months and have hardly missed a day since.  My wife, Joan, a non-Ham, is one of the most supportive XYLs anywhere.  She regularly attends the Conventions with me!

Since 1963…

for YL’s ( and OM’s, too )

Why Join? 

Make New Friends.

Master operating HF.

Be part of a practiced, reliable, 50 + Years Trusted Network.

Help you achieve WAS – Worked-All-States.

Share tips, knowledge and resources.

Vic - KG7WLX YLISSB 17299

[I] chose to become a member because I love HAM radio and fellow YLSystem members make that possible; thank each and every one of you!
In Liberty and God Bless the United States of America!

King KK5LU YLISSB 15860 TFO 430 with XYL Cheryl

I joined the YLISSB after meeting up several times with members over the early years I was on HF. I found friends and shared interests, and even attended the national meeting with my XYL, Cheryl, in Nashville.
I attach a photo of us, taken about the time I joined.
Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey and computer interference locally has limited my HF activities. I wish all members well and happy times.

John - AB0O - YLISSB 15962

I’ve been a member since 2005 and 14.332 is always a friendly place to check in, and find someone to talk to.

KL7YK - Ron - YLISSB 16399

Retired USAF both Active Duty and Civil Service. Total of 37 years with the Air Force.  Still active with the military as an Army MARS Member and as the manager of the Military Recreation Club Station on the local Air Base. I joined the YL System to be involved with a daily group of friendly people on the air.  Fortunes of propagation limit my ability to be as active at times with the group as I would like. Am looking forward to that resuming in time.

The YLISSB System was founded on February 9, 1963, by V. Mayree Tallman, K4ICA, a YL who resided in Miami, Florida. Being the wife of a medical doctor, as well as a ham radio operator, she recognized both the need for emergency communications in all parts of the world, along with the opportunity to do something about it from her home in Miami, Florida.  In the early ‘60’s, the idea came to her of an Amateur Radio System with the primary purpose of handling emergencies anywhere in the world.  So, on that Saturday morning in 1963, born from her idea was the  ” YLISSB ” .     The System originally was for YL’s only and was founded to handle emergencies anywhere in the world. The OM’s liked what they heard and it was not long before they petitioned for membership. 

The rules were changed to permit OM’s to join, and our System is now at 18,228 membership Sideband Numbers issued. In today’s world of satellites, cellular telephones and other modern means of communicating, we do not get the number of emergencies we did in the earlier years, but emergencies still remain the number one priority of our System. Anyone traveling over land or sea anywhere in the world, should always keep the frequency of 14.332 MHZ in mind, we are always here, ready, willing, and experienced to help you.    

 We operate 365 days a year beginning with The Sunrise Portion of the YL System at 1300Z (1200Z during daylight savings time in US.) The Sunrise portion runs informally for three hours, followed by three, two-hour  periods. New Control stations take over every two hours during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods. Informal means stations check in and make calls as they check in. During the periods, controls take check-ins and stations make calls only when directed by Control. It is always understood that “emergencies, may break the YL System at anytime.”     
  After the 3rd period, the 1st Moonbeam session begins at 2200Z (2100Z DST). Like the Sunrise Portion, the Moonbeams run informally and usually stays open until the band closes in the evening, often running three or four hours. There is now a Weekend Warrior Session of the Moonbeam. Try it. We often have good DX on the Moonbeam, including Alaska and Hawaii for those of you working for the WAS Award. Contacts made on our System may also be used for ARRL awards.    Our members may participate in our extensive Awards Program.  
Annual conventions are a highlight of our System and are usually held in June and consist of four to six days of tours, camaraderie in the Hospitality Room, business meeting, banquets and awards. Some recent conventions were held in El Paso, Nova Scotia, Iowa, Alaska, and Barbados. Our Annual Convention is held in a different place each year. 

W4LLY - Jim - YLISSB 16888

I enjoy being a member because I hear from members all over the US and can find out what the band conditions are like daily!

W4KMR - Michael - YLISSB 17111

I joined YL System to get help in completing my WAS Award and early morning QSO’s.

AA1XD - Gene - YLISSB 17198

Of all the nets I have encountered over the years,  the YL System has some of the nicest people out there, not to mention who you might run into.
I have made contacts with maritime and aeronautical mobiles,   18 wheelers, (KB3CRD has one of the best voices), as well as all the Great Controls we have running the show.   My hat is off to all of you.   Thank you for what you do.
73 From the State of Maine

Sue - N9ZG YLISSB 16462 & Steve - WA5KSC YLISSB 16461

YL System is a great way for new hams to master HF operation.

Join Us!

Want a fast way to Work All States? Make friends, globally? Enjoy Contesting? 

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