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    The ISSB System operates on 14.332 MHz, 365 days of the year.  We have the Sunrise Portion commencing at 1300 UTC or 1200 UTC during Daylight saving time and continue with 1st period(2 hrs), 2nd period(2hrs), 3rd period(2), 1st hr of the Moonbeam and the 2nd hr Moonbeam period.  Even if you tune in and hear nothing, give a call and most likely someone will answer.

We have a 40 meter East session on Mon thru Fri evenings on 7.245+- MHz commencing at 0000 UTC, 2300 during DST and a 40 meter West session on Mon thru Fri evenings on 7.245 +-  MHz commencing at 0300 UTC, 0200 during DST.  Also there is an 80 meter session on Mondays commencing at 0030 UTC or 2330 during DST on 3.836 +-  MHz. We have a 15 meter session on Sundays at 2000 UTC, 1900 UTC during DST on  21.373 MHz.

    As you can see by the Menu on the left, we have information about the ISSB System, its Membership,  Application/Info, Awards, and Convention info. 

   This website is here for the benefit of the ISSB System and its members, input for the ongoing maintenance of the site is welcomed.  If you have any additions or suggestions for this site, please feel free to click here and forward them to the webmaster for consideration.




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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2018