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Print the form and email it to if paying by PayPal


Complete this form and mail to: (or e-mail it to:  )

Bill Phillips, W7AJP, 87298 Chinquapin Loop, Veneta, OR 97487-9511


Your call_________________             YLISSB System # __________

Team member's call ______________    YLISSB System # __________

Former call, if recently changed_______________

Your Name  _______________________________________ 

Current Address ______________________________

City ____________________State _______Zip_________

If DX: Province ___________Country _____________

Current E-mail Address ________________________________

Phone number: _______________    Birthdate:  ___ / ____ / _____ (year optional)

Anniversary: ____/____/____ (year optional):  OM or XYL's first name: ______________

Are You A Veteran? _____   If YES, Branch of Service: ____________________

Do you want the Annual “VOICE”:      _____  Printed and mailed to you

                                                                        _____  On a CD mailed to you

                                                                        _____  Emailed to you as a PDF file


Signed:  _____________________________________ Date: __ / __ / ___





All DX (stations outside the US) sending funds to the YL System are to use PayPal to send funds to the YLISSB.


US Stations may enclose $20.00 US bank issued check  or Use PayPal ($21.00).

Teams are $20.00 for all on the team (not per person) when the "VOICE" goes to only 1 (one) address. If any team members are at a different address and wish to have a copy of the "VOICE", it is an additional $20.00.

If you decide to use PayPal, please also send an e-mail copy of the first page of this Membership Renewal to


NOTE: We do not issue annual membership cards. However, VA7JSF is now providing a beautiful Membership Certificate to new members.  If you want one e-mailed to you (YOU PRINT IT yourself), please send an e-mail to  Jim Flowers < >  and include your (1) Name, (2) Call, (3) System #,  and (4) the Date you joined (we can look that up). Your canceled check or money order is your receipt. Normally, the treasurer sends a confirmation e-mail if you have your e-mail address on file with the treasurer.

REVISED: 26 Jun 2017