Complete this form and mail to: (or e-mail it to: treasurer@ylsystem.org  )

Bill Phillips, W7AJP, 87298 Chinquapin Loop, Veneta, OR 97487-9511


Your call____________________          YLISSB System # ____________

Team member's call ______________    YLISSB System # __________

Former call, if recently changed_______________

Your Name (Listed with ARRL)   _______________________________ 

Mailing Address ______________________________

City ____________________State _______Zip_________

If DX: Province ___________Country _____________

Phone number: _________________   E-mail: ___________________________

Birthdate:  ___ / ____ / _____ (year is optional)

Anniv. : ____/____/____ (year optional):  OM /XYL's first name: _______________

Are You A Veteran? _____   If YES, Branch of Service: ____________________

You want the Annual “VOICE”:   _____  PRINTED and mailed to you

                                                                  _____  On a CD mailed to you

                                                                  _____  Emailed to you as a PDF file


Signed:  _____________________________________ Date: __ / __ / ___

(Updated: 12/2/2017)



All DX (stations outside the US) sending funds to the YL System must use PayPal to send funds to the YLISSB.  No Money Orders or Non-Domestic funds.

MAIL TO:   Bill Phillips - W7AJP

87298 Chinquapin Loop, Veneta, OR  97487 

US Stations may enclose $20.00 US Bank issued check  or Use PayPal ($21.00).

Teams are $21.00 for the entire team (not per person) when the "VOICE" goes to only 1 (one) address. If any team members are at a different address and wish to have an additional copy of the "VOICE", it is an additional $21.00.

If you decide to use PayPal, please also send an e-mail copy of the first page of this Membership Renewal to treasurer@ylsystem.org

The YLISSB ANNUAL MEMBER RENEWAL FORM is very important and is used by the Treasurer to inform other Board and Group Leaders of changes in how we can reach you.  PLEASE fill out the form and send it to the TREASURER each time you pay your renewal....and let us know if you MOVE or change telephone, email or change your ham call.

NOTE: We do not issue annual membership cards. However, VA7JSF is now providing a beautiful Membership Certificate to new members.  If you want one e-mailed to you (YOU PRINT IT yourself), please send an e-mail to  Jim Flowers < jimflowers@shaw.ca >  and include your (1) Name, (2) Call, (3) System #,  and (4) the Date you joined (we can look that up). Your canceled check or money order is your receipt. Normally, the treasurer sends a confirmation e-mail if you have your e-mail address on file with the treasurer.


REVISED 23 Jan 2018