Requests for information/application form may be obtained from Bob, NC4RP with an SASE. Bob is our information officer.  His mailing address is as follows:

Robert L Percefull
4409 Grassy Field Dr
Raleigh, NC 27610

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Updated 12 Sep 2018


Founded in the State of Florida, February 9. 1963


Board of Directors        

President – Rose, KL7FQQ                   Vice President – Gloria, K4DXM               Secretary – Bruce, K9ICP                       

     Treasurer – Bill, W7AJP                    Directors – AB3TY- Larry Kaplan, KK4DYI - Gale, KG0Yl - Nancy


iNFORMATION OFFICER                                             TREASURER 

                                    NC4RP -  Bob Percefull                                                                        W7AJP  - Bill Phillips

                           4409 Grassy Field Dr                                                                         87298 Chinquapin Loop

                          Raleigh, NC 27610                                                                             Veneta, Oregon 97487-9511





System Web Master – Jim, VA7JSF –


ISSB System was founded by K4ICA, V. Mayree Tallman as a worldwide emergency communications System and advocates the promotion of International Good Will through Amateur Radio.       V. Mayree, Sidebander #1 (ISSB#1) became a Silent Key on June 19, 2001, but “Her System” lives on!


MEMBERSHIP:  Our membership now numbers over 16,000 in all fifty states and over two-hundred countries.  Dues are $20 annually in US currency, money order or check and $21.00 US by PayPal.  If more than one member of a family is licensed and wishes to join, there is no extra charge, and each may receive a membership number.  However, only one issue of the VOICE is received.  We welcome YL/OM teams.  Simply provide the application information for each amateur within your household who desires membership. 


SPONSORSHIP:  Any member may sponsor any other station, DX or US by paying the annual dues for that station. However, all sponsored stations MUST DESIRE membership.


IN SSB’ers WE HAVE:  A most beautiful array of awards, certificates, plaques and trophies for members. We also hold annual conventions in various parts of the country.  For instance:  Halifax, Nova Scotia ‘99, El Paso , TX ’00, Ft. Dodge, IA ’01, Fairbanks, AK ’02, a cruise in ’03 and Nashville, TN ’04, Bismarck, ND .


Our monthly newsletter contains info on events, new members, SKs, stories, photos and more. The newsletter may be viewed on this website using the "Communicator" link. If you would like to receive it on line each month, send your email address to KC7KPG at



The 20-Meter System on 14.332 MHZ opens with the Sunrise Portion at 1300Z UTC (1200 UTC DST).  The Sunrise portion is run informally and is a popular portion of the System.

 The Daytime Periods consist of three two-hour periods with new logs taken during each period.  Frequently, mobiles and DX stations will be carried over to the next period.  

MOONBEAM:  At 2200 UTC (2100 UTC DST) the Moonbeam begins and runs informally for three hours or until the band goes out at discretion of Controls.


SSB’ers VOICE:  This is our annual publication which contains photos, membership listings, awards program, procedures on the System, times and dates for Special Days as well as stories written by members from all over the world.  The VOICE is sent around November to all members by email, CD or regular mail who are current in dues.


WE STRONGLY ADVOCATE:  We suggest that each prospective member check into the System and participate with us, or simply just listen.  If you enjoy our type of operation and are perfectly satisfied that you really want to join us, then fill out the application form at the bottom of the page and send it along with your dues.  Remember, dues go to Bill, W7AJP.   We welcome all amateurs with a General or higher-class license to participate with us on frequency whether a member or not.  Whether it is an emergency or just a call for that much needed state or country, we stand ready to assist you.


VOLUNTEERS:  As you participate in the System, you will see that we need many volunteers.  Once you have become a member, you can share, with others, some of the responsibility of continuing the integrity of our System.  We are always in need of additional control stations with the willingness and knowledge to help.


After you have joined SSB’ers and have been operating with us for a length of time and feel you have the time and inclination to be a System Control or help in some other way, contact any Board member via radio, email or letter.  They will be glad to pass along your information and a member will get in touch with you.


The Moonbeam is an excellent opportunity for those working during the day to get on the System and make contacts or chat with friends.


INFORMATION SESSION:  This is held each Monday at 1500 UTC (1400 UTC DST).  During the Session you may ask for member QSL information, email addresses, or any other System information you may need.  On the 1st and 3rd Monday, new members’ names and numbers are read. 


OTHER SYSTEM FREQUENCIES:  On Saturday at 0300 UTC, we have a ZL/VK System on 14.332 MHZ.  The time for this System is actually Friday evening in the US.    We also have a System on 40M Eastern, 7.245 Mhz Mon thru Fri at 0000 UTC - 2300 during DSTand 40 M Western, 7.254 Mhz +- Mon thru Fri at 0300 UTC - 0200 during DSTand on 15 meter session on Sundays at 2000 UTC and at 1900 UTC during DST  on 21.373 Mhz. There is an 80 meter session on Mondays commencint at 0030 UTC or 2330 UTC during Daylight saving time on 3.833 MHz.  The time and days vary during the year, depending on propagation, QRM, and the availability of Control Stations.  Due to current conditions, these Systems are not active at this time.


For up to date information on System activity on other bands, ask on the System’s primary frequency on 20M, 14.332 MHZ.