Contact List for the ISSB System

 Due to the nature of our organization, and the fact that our members and those who are part of this mailing list are spread over such a large distance, the best way to contact us is either on the air, or through email. 

The following list provides contact information for both methods.



Position Name Callsign Email Address
President Rose kl7fqq 
Vice President Gloria k4dxm 
Secretary Bruce k9icp
Assistant Secretary Judy kc7kpg
Treasurer Bill w7ajp
Assistant Treasurer Jim w7bba
10/15/40/80m Jon k2lax
Awards Coordinator Lynn and Elsie n0pmq, noesj
Board of Directors Larry ab3ty
Board of Directors Gale kk4dyi
Board of Directors Nancy kg0yl
Chaplain Rev Jim wa0pfv
Condolence Committee Jim ke9pk
Communicator Jim ke9pk
Facebook Administrator James kb7tbt
Historian Bruce k9icp
Information Officer Bob nc4rp
MoonBeam Coordinator Larry ab3ty
NetLogger Coordinator Bob nc4rp
Public Relations Steve k4phz
Scholarship Committee Bob nc4rp
TFO Lynn & Elsie n0pmq/n0esj
Voice Editor Larry ab3ty
Webpage Coordinator Jim va7jsf
 Webpage Assistant Coordinator Pat ve1phk


Last Edited: 20 Jun 2018