ISSB Awards Program


All DX sending funds to the YL System are to send money orders or Cashier's checks with U.S. Money printed on them



Award Applications -- Basic Rules to Follow

Note the beginning date of any award for which you are applying for. Unless otherwise stated, they began Feb 9 1963. Also note the proper fee and enclose it. If applying for more than 1 award, put each one on a separate piece of paper and use only 1 side of the paper.

Please print or type all info. You must be a paid up member in order to receive any award listed.

1. At top of page give name of award being applied for, the number of seals you qualify for if you are applying for more than the basic award. The only award which does not include the first seal is the Basic King Neptune Award(KNA). The Basic KNA is issued for 5 USA and 5 DX contacts.

2. If you are completing requirements for seals, please give the name and issue number of the award, how many seals you are requesting and include an SASE. Giving the issue number is important because it saves much time trying to search the archives for your original number and give you credit for the seals.

3. Use only one side of the paper. Never apply for more than one award on the same sheet of paper. If more than one page is required, do not use the flip side, use another sheet of paper.

4. Give date of contacts, call, SSB'er number and band. This is all that is needed, do not send your whole log sheets, just the extracts.

5. Print your name, call, SSB'er number and mailing address. You will receive your award via fist class mail. DX is sent airmail.

6. Make all checks and/or money orders payable to issuer of the award. All fees(if any) must accompany the applications and are to be in US funds.


Log Extracts, are sufficient for applications for SSB'ers Awards. Members are ON THEIR HONOR. We believe you when you say "I contacted these members". DO NOT SEND QSL cards. Contacts made during our QSO parties count towards awards. All other contacts during the year must be on System frequencies. It is important to note the beginning date of each certificate other than those beginning 9 Feb 1963, so that you make the contacts on or after the effective date.