President's Monthly Message 



July, 2018


Greetings.  As your newly elected President, I wish to thank Bobbie, K4ZGH, for her leadership over the past two years.  She has steered the YLISSB with wisdom and compassion.  We all owe her a debt of gratitude.  Thanks Bobbie!  Now for my report to you, the membership.



Convention 2018 was a blast.  If you were unable to attend, I am sorry for you.  Host Larry AB3TY and Hostess Anne KC3EYB went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great time.  The first event was the Meet and Greet, where we got to visit with attendees and get lots of hugs.  Even though dinner was on our own, we all managed to catch a ride to The Texas Roadhouse and had a delicious dinner.

Day 2 saw us leaving the hotel for the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.   What a delightful morning of seeing trains with their headlights shining, getting to play with a model train set, and learning some of the history of trains in Pennsylvania.  A delicious pasta and salad lunch was had back at the hotel, followed by the workshop.  The workshop was well attended, and lots of interesting issues were discussed.  (See the report of the Workshop in this edition of the Communicator).  The Workshop was followed by the General Meeting, which was also very well attended.  Minutes of the meeting will be printed in the Voice.  While dinner was on our own, once again we all went together, this time to Ruby Tuesdayís for another delicious meal.

Day 3 was a day-long tour to Gettysburg.  We had a spacious bus, and once we arrived at Gettysburg, a wonderful tour guide boarded our bus and took us though the battle.  It was almost like being there and seeing just how the battle went.  We had lunch at the Museum and enjoyed seeing all the artifacts. Once again, we all had dinner at a local restaurant.  This one was El Dorado with a  Mexican theme, complete with a live Mariachi band.  Iím sure I saw some of our members dancing with the Mariachi guys, and I know some were singing along.  A good time was had by all.

Day 4 started with a guided tour of an Amish farmhouse and farm.  I think we were all happy that we enjoy modern conveniences.  Back at the hotel, delicious sandwiches and salads were served.  This was followed by the Board of Directorís meeting, which was well attended by the members.  Some important decisions were made, and the minutes will be printed in the Voice.  We went to an Amish restaurant named the Good and Plenty for our banquet.  Delicious food!  Then, back to the hotel for the Awards Ceremony (Award Recipients printed elsewhere in the Communicator); the Installation of Officers followed by the auction.  As usual, the auction was the highlight of the Convention, and $1324.00 was raised for the Scholarship Fund.  Thanks to all who participated by bringing items and bidding. 

Day 5 saw most of us gather for a Farewell Breakfast.  Itís always sad to say goodbye, but the hugs were nice, and we hope to see everyone at the 2019 Convention.  All in all, the Convention was one to remember.



Just a reminder.  This is the YL System.  It is a System, but was named YL in honor of our founder, K4ICA.  It is important when referring to our group that we use the term YL SYSTEM.  You do not have a YL number, you have a Sideband number, or a System number, or a YLISSB number.  It gets confusing to some of our newer members and visitors when the incorrect terminology is used.  So, please be careful, and remember, this is the YL SYSTEMÖit is not a net, and you donít have a YL number!



The YL System issues a Top-Flight Operator (TFO) award to members for exceptional operating skills.  This Award was not designed to award members for helping on the System or for checking in frequently, but for stations that exhibit outstanding operating practices.  The YL System is looking for a volunteer to help revamp the requirements for the TFO Award.  If you are interested in helping to rewrite the requirements, please contact me at


If you have any questions or concerns about the System, send me an e-mail.  I hope you have a wonderful July.  Catch you later,

 73ís and 88ís, Rose KL7FQQ, YLISSB President.